Expand your creativity by discovering and exchanging structured and reusable knowledge

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Discover expert knowledge in the domain of science and engineering

Formalize and exchange your knowledge with others in a common reusable form

Explore and share various engineering data

product specifications and datasheets, material properties, results of numerical simulations and experiments, other

Use our simple recipe to make data discoverable and reusable

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Improve your business processes

more accurate knowledge-based decisions,
higher productivity of distributed engineering teams

Mathematical Models

Speed up the development of mathematical models that simulate your product by accessing ready-to-use data from SplineCloud. Browse our knowledge base for the results of simulations and experiments, components and materials specifications, pull it into your code with SplineCloud API to develop more accurate designs and simulations in less time.

Multidisciplinary Design Optimization

Does your product have to address tough and conflicting requirements? With SplineCloud development of MDO applications becomes simple, transparent and more reliable

Data and Knowledge Management

Make your engineering data accessible to your distributed team of engineers via secure collaboration groups. Simplify knowledge transfer and acquisition, improve data interoperability in your team and reduce development time.

Reusable Product Data Sheets

Turn your product data sheets into broadly accessible and reusable data repositories, allowing your customers to build more accurate models and provide you with early feedback, eventually reducing the time spent on negotiating and formulating requirements.

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